Saturday, August 29, 2015


GeorgeIII  was the grand son of GeorgeII  whom he succeeded to the throne his father Frederick, prince of Wales, having died  in 1751. Unlike the first two Georges he was a born Englishman and he said that he gloried in the name of Britain. GeorgeIII was the king  in (1760-1820) period. He was a good man but a bad king. He was well meaning, simple in his tastes, sincere in his religion and strictly moral in his habits. But he was ill educated, narrow minded and extremely obstinate. He was bigoted in his opinions as he was obstinate in up holding them. He wanted to be king in fact as well as in name a policy early impressed upon him by his mother and his tutor, Butte. He was opposed to the party government and the cabinet system under which the ministers chosen by the majority in parliament, were all powerful. He meant to choose his own ministers and to dictate his own policy. George III being a born English man took more interest in domestic affairs than in foreign politics. His great object was to revive the king's power.