Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Stamp Act of 1765

The Seven years war, which was waged by England against France mainly in the interests of the American colonies, imposed upon England a heavy financial burden. So Prime Minister Greenville decided that the colonies should contribute something towards cost of their own defense. Hence in 1765 he passed the stamp act which required that all legal documents and formal acts in America should be written on stamped paper. The revenue arising from the duty on stamps was to be used for supporting a military establishment for the defense of the colonies. This attempt at levying an inland revenue produced widespread discontent for the colonists maintained that England could not legally tax them as they were not represented in the British parliament. The Rockingham Ministry repealed the stamp Act but passed a Declaratory Act maintaining England right to make laws binding upon the colonies. Townsend further irritates the colonies by imposing new taxes on tea glass colors etc.