Friday, May 4, 2012

Dhaka Gauzes by Agha Shahid Ali: An Analysis

Agha Shahid Ali wrote Dacca Gauzes, a very beautiful poem full of lament and woe. Something that is rather infectious. His poem on the "Dacca Gauzes" exemplifies Shahid's nostalgia, his sense of history, his grace, a sensibility as fine as the gauze fabrics he describes here. Grandmothers and their stories , the amazing ‘woven air’, the texture of morning air in autumn and of course the tragic end of these muslins and their weavers. It is near impossible to grow up in India, without having heard about them – the fabled weave from Dacca.

Throughout the poem Agha Shahid Ali uses some images typical to the sub-continental context. Moreover, the poem reminds us the cruel colonial policy that the British colonizers exercised on the peasants of the Bengal.