Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Reasons of Using a Play in a Language Classroom.

The most effective way to teach ESL learner is to provide with the opportunities to learn English in the context of everyday situations with the emphasis on communication skills.  Use of play in a language classroom can be an ideal technique to achieve this goal. The following are the reasons why a play should be used in a language classroom.  

1.    Plays help students to develop and practice target language in a relatively safe setting and can create the navigation and involvement necessary for real learning to occur.

2.    Play can be integrated into any topic/content in the language lesson.

3.    Enjoying in play, students can acquire the facility of integration of language skills.

4.    Plays offer a fun and creative way for learners to improvise.

5.    Learners have fun with language and can practice verbal and non-verbal communication.

6.    Plays offer an opportunity to develop more awareness of the culture of the language.

7.    Play reinforces the language taught.

8.    Plays can be used to develop confidence in the language using & intellectual understanding.

9.    It helps to develop oral skill of learner.

10.    It enhances conversational skills.

11.    A good play can teach moral moral lessons .

12.    An effective play can facilitate to nurture the conceptual values of its participants.

13.    A comic play helps the learners to remove his/her anxieties.

14.    It helps to develop the sense of humour.

15.    A good play can enhance the creativity & imagination of the participants.

16.    An effective & efficiently plotted play can contribute the in performing social responsibilities like cultural paradigm shift and self awareness to towards its learners.

The above mentioned things are the main reasons for using a play in a language classroom.