Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Features of Early American Literature (Colonial American Literature)

Early American Literature writing that emerged from the original U.S colonies during the period from 1607 to the late 1700. It was largely influenced by British writers and was created to inform people about colonial life, religious disputes and settlement issues. Many of characteristics of early American literature can be found in the poems, journals, letters, narratives, histories and teaching material written by settlers, religious figures and historical icons of the period. American Literature includes the writings of Marry Rowlandson, William Bradford, Anne Bradstreet and John Winthrop.

American Literature had been affected from many ways; each way makes a different in America’s literature. The three characteristics of American Literature include – plot of decline, indifferent of nature, 3rd person omniscient reaction to romanticism and surrealism. 

Firstly, American Literature reflects beliefs and traditions that come from the nation’s frontier days. The pioneer ideals of self-reliance and independence appear again and again in American writings. American authors have great respect for the value and importance of the individual. They tend to reject authority and to emphasize democracy and the equality of people. They often celebrate nature and a sense of boundless space.
Second, American writers have always had a strong tendency to break with literary tradition and to strike out their own directions. Writers of other countries seem to absorb their national literary traditions. But many American authors have rejected the old in order to create something new.

Thirdly, a lively streak of humor runs thorough American literature from earliest times to present. In many cases a dash of salty humor saves serious theme from becoming too sentimental. American humor tends to be exaggerated rather than subtle. It reflects the people’s ability to laugh at themselves even during the most difficult times.