Monday, January 6, 2014

'Revelations' by Sri Aurobindo: Summary and Analysis

Revelations by Sri Aurobindo is ‘a lovely, mystical lyric of great transparency’, that has a visionary power. The poet passes through a spiritual illuminationas it were.

For Aurobindo, Nature becomes very often the abode of heavenly spirit. Here also the poet gleans amidst Nature the flash of a spiritual creature. A check of frightened rose is a transfered image that connotes a spiritual existence. Heavenly rout indexes Aurobindo’s realization of the spiritual world.

Revelation is a mystic experience of the poet (some understanding with universal vision). He feels as if the presence of God, Vision of God leaps behind the rocks and passes him like a blow of wind. By the time he tries to guess what it would be, it vanishes. He feels it like a bright light which is visible to his mortal eyes. It is like a frightened rose glows with a sudden beauty. He feels as if someone is passing him with a footstep like the wind. When he harries to take a glance at it, but there remains nothing. He feels it is just a veil of maya (illusion ). He that it is to make the man understand the heavenly vision.

A mystical poem where Aurobindo speaks as an illumined soul. The speaker is no longer a man of flesh and bone; he is transformed into God’s happy tool. His cells are lighted with the rapture and joy of the unknown and the supreme. The poem captures the process of transformation from the human to the divine. Time is my drama suggests eternity. Senses’ narrow mesh stands for the physical reality. Sun of deathless night connotes the infinite, immortal divine spirit.